Your Full Service Travel Medicine Clinic

With current travel health warnings being issued by multiple governments, travel health concerns have become increasingly important. Knowing your health risks can allow you to fully enjoy your upcoming travel. Making sure to protect yourself or your employees during a time of travel can save significant money and time.   
In general, health care you get while traveling outside the U.S. isn’t covered.
— (August 2016)

Many insurances cover a very small amount (if any) during your time of travel. So ensure your HealthCare and make an appointment for your travel vaccine or malaria medication. 

You pay 100% of the costs, in most cases.
— (August 2016)

In Stock Services:

Yellow Fever

PPD (Tuberculin skin test)

Pneumovax Vaccine (pneumonia vaccine)

Flu (In-Season Only)

Pre-Travel Consults(By appointment)

Medication refills for Travel (Absolutely no pain medications)