We provide a broad range of integrated health services for physical, cognitive, or wellness HealthCare needs.

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We provide evidence-based therapeutic & diagnostic services focused on the individualized behavioral and mental health needs. We assist patients with strategies for coping with mental illness in order to enhance the overall quality of life.

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We believe in wellness and prevention. America's #1 leading cause of death is heart disease, which is preventable in most situations. Knowledge is truly power that can be used to live a healthy productive life.

work injuries

Accepting New work Injuries, DOT exams and Pre-employment Drug screens. Using one location for Physical Therapy, Mental Health and Medical Treatment makes your work flow easier.

Help achieve Maximum health potential


Our goal is to work with each person individually to develop treatment goals. In doing so, we will hold ourselves to the highest moral, ethical, professional, and legal standards in our society.

...helped me with a successful program with my diet and excerise...
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We strive to always treat others as we expect to be treated, while maintaining respect, dignity, and understanding for those who have cultural, ethnic, or individual differences from our own. Such efforts will be enhanced by our empathy with all persons with whom we interact.
Our dealing with others are intended to convey honesty, respect, love, compassion, gratitude, understanding and professionalism.

The above approach is intended to promote the freedom, rights, dignity, responsibility, and trust of those persons served.



9,000 square feet of HealthCare


Handicapped accessible with handicapped parking and ramps on the north and west end of the building. Designed specifically for our treatment programs.

Included in the space provided are the following: 

-Physical and Occupational therapy gym 

-Medical Treatment Rooms

-CLIA Waived Lab

-Physical and hand therapy treatment room

-Vocational rehabilitation testing center 

-Group therapy rooms 

-Clinician offices 

-Business office 

-Work-simulation areas and work stations 

-Biofeedback therapy rooms

-Handicap accessible bathrooms 

-Break rooms